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    Blog Stats. This has been something that has not only been a challenge but often frustrating. I have been blogging since 2013 and rebranded this blog only a month ago in hopes it will give me motivation and a boost back into the blogosphere. But I still often find myself wondering what am I doing wrong? Why aren’t my page views increasing? Why are my social media stats remaining the same?

    For all those bloggers out there we all know how this makes us go crazy trying to problem solve and combat this ongoing frustration. As much as we may hate the new Instagram algorithm or the whole retweet/follow chain that often goes around with an outcome that results in either no change or losing followers. I have found my focus has been so much on these numbers and has often left me feeling:

    • I was comparing myself to others

    • Doubting my own content

    • I am not good enough or likable

    • Losing the love of blogging

    So I decided to go old school with a notebook and pen and write down the ‘whys’ I started blogging before numbers became a focus.

    My love of beauty

    This was the main reason why I started a blog. I love anything that centers around beauty. I love trying out new products, new brands and being immersed in makeup. If anything, it was an excuse to spend and try new things and giving an honest opinion. Recommendations and reviews are so important to me and I love reading them whether it’s via other blogs or the shop websites. Reading these are so valuable and I loved I was able to give this back too.

    I love to write

    I love being creative with writing and being able to share my passions and loves through a powerful platform. I also liked how I was able to articulate myself in any way I wanted as it was my own personal diary of what I wanted to publish. I didn’t have to worry if something made sense, I was able to create my own writing style of my own and if others enjoyed it that was always a bonus for me.

    Being creative

    I love to create. I love to be able to share and show my vision. Whether it’s through my photography (that still needs a lot of work!) my writing or my own branding. I love being in the element of creativity it allows me to have free reign on whatever I want to do. I love creating mood boards, creating content calendars and more recently designing my new brand and making that come to life. I needed a creative outlet from my day to day work and this blog created that for me.


    I love to meet new people and it was great to meet and talk to others who either were bloggers or love to read blogs. Those around me who didn’t blog often didn’t understand it or the ‘whys’ of it. But it was great to be able to network with some lovely people who shared the same love as me! Whether it was to talk about the latest beauty obsession or general blog advice.

    Helping others

    More than anything I wanted to help people. Whether its a small thing such as a foundation review or bigger topics such as love, confidence, and bullying. I wanted to open up more and share my own experiences and stories to tell others they are not alone. If anything, sharing things that are so personal to me helped to deal with it too. It also allowed me to be more relatable to others and create a discussion where we can all talk and support each other.


    I may not have the biggest following and I may not see a huge increase in my page views daily. But blogging is an outlet for me. I enjoy it and I am so grateful for the opportunities it has brought me too. I want to from now to forget about numbers, forget about stats and stop comparing myself to others. We all have our own path and I believe we will find success.


    Someone once told me “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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