This was a post I wrote a while ago and thought to share this as its been something I tend to struggle with. I have reached a stage where I often ask myself ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Plans?’ ‘Next steps?’ This has often left me feeling lost and doubting myself even to making decisions as I’m afraid of being a failure.

Its always easy to get down, but someone once told me when you are down the only way out is up. ‘Easier said than done right?’ I totally agree. I often find myself trying to get out of this negative mindset I have sunk myself in. But there are ways that can help your mind and body to reach a place where you begin to trust your inner self and have belief again.

Here are some things I am doing to help have a positive mind.

1. Make a List of Wants

One of the reasons of why we feel lost is because we are not fulfilled. We are not doing the things we want to do. Whether its wanting to change your job, take on a new activity – make a list. When we are feeling low this is the best time to write them as you tend to reflect more. Stick these on your wall, or your fridge, somewhere where you will see at least once a day to remind you of achieving those wants.

2. RelaxationΒ 

Its always good to find ways to relax and help calm your body and mind. You can try having a relaxing bath with your favourite smellies and candles, to reading a book, doing a yoga session which I find always helps. For me I love writing so I tend to write which keeps me distracted.

3. Fresh Air

Something as simple as having a bit of ‘fresh air’ always helps. Have a brisk walk through your local park, or even walking round the block. If you want to go even further – why not take a trip to another town or for me I would go central London and have a look around – you never know inspiration could always come to you.

4. Treat & Pamper Yourself

Why not self-indulge? Whether its treating yourself to your favourite foods, to buying a treat of your favourite fragrance, a facial, massage, or even giving your nails a fresh polish? It does not always have to equal to spending but I find this lifts up your spirits and allow you to focus attention on yourself.

5. Surround yourself with loved ones

This is my ultimate remedy, the last thing you want to do is when your feeling alone is to be physically alone. Be around friends that you can feel comfortable with or your partner. I love being around positive people that can help lift my spirits.


What are your remedies when you are feeling lost?

Till my next post.

Yas x


  1. I truly believe in what you have wrote. Life has a way of unexpectingly surprising you, however once your down you can only come up and bask in your blessings. X

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