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    There is no shame in being made redundant, its a very difficult and stressful time. I know this all to well. I have had this happen twice and it doesn’t get any easier but how you handle it – can.

    For both occasions, I was told there would be ‘a restructure of the business’ which often means roles get changed or often shifted which tends to result in your role not existing anymore. Its natural to instantly feel panic, sadness and overwhelmed emotions. I know I did. My first thought was “How would I pay the bills” “What if I dont have find another job in time” you will have hundreds of thoughts and questions of why this happening. But its important during this time (and going through the process) is to take control.

    I definitely found the second time round was much easier to deal with then the first and here are some things I did to help me get through it.

    • Try to not take it personal

    Unless otherwise, you were told you were ‘unprofessional’ or leaving due to your performance. Try to not take it to heart (easier said I know!) but often or not – most decisions are made for long-term business goals and one thing I have learnt is businesses change and so does their focus of the company.

    • Do not doubt your ability 

    I know its easier to blame yourself and think it was you that made this happen. Its not. They wouldn’t have employed right? You did well. You performed to the best of your ability. You were and are good enough. Unfortunately these things happen – all we can do is make the best out of a bad situation.

    • Talk to your loved ones

    Its so important to talk to those around you can confide in. Talking for me always helps. It allows you to talk about what you’re going through and feeling and sometimes gaining advice from others also helps too.

    • New opportunities

    I believe everything happens for a reason. Right now I can understand you’re feeling worst for wear and everything just sucks! and why me! right? You have every right to feel that. But just feel it – dont be it. Use this time to see if there is something else you would like to do. Do you want to change careers? Start your own business? Go freelance perhaps? Whatever it may be – you have so many choices to make. Tip: Brainstorm what you would like to do and what you are good at. It also helps to lists what you dont like too. Look at your list and then start to see what potential roles or actions you can do to make it happen.

    • Take a break

    I found this was the most helpful to me. Taking some time off. Whether you relax for a few days at home, or go and spend some time with family. Taking a mind break is a must. Refresh and refuel your batteries so you can face your new path head on.


    If you are someone who is going through this, you are not alone. You will look back on this and you will see it as such a great learning curve. Being positive is the best way forward.

    Please feel free to pop me an email or tweet if you need a sounding board.


    Till my next post

    Y x

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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