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    Body Mists on a Budget

    Body Spritz? Body Mists? These type of sprays can be called many different ways but I am currently obsessed with these at the moment. These are so refreshing and lovely to used as soon as you can come out of the shower and are a perfect base for any perfumes you wear, I find it helps to make it last longer too. Now I dont know about you, but I find these tend to run out a lot more quickly than perfumes which I guess is a given but who wants to keep replacing an expensive one? I sure dont! So I wanted to share you with some not only will you love as much as I do but is good on your pocket too. Read further for my favourites…

    Rihanna Nude Body Mist – £10

    Rihanna Body Mist
    Many perfumes especially celebrity perfumes tend to have a Body mist version of their scents. One of my favourites is Rihanna, I own all of her scents and they are absolutely gorgeous! My favourite is Nude its sweet, floral and fruity and notes of Vanilla (if you read my blog you know its my love in all scents) other notes include pear, mandarin and sandalwood – these notes are perfect for this time of year too. I love the big bottle it comes in so you really do get value for your money. This is one mist that has lasted me the longest too – for only £10 you can’t go wrong.

    Zoella’s Blissful Mistful & Sweet Inspirations – £8

    Zoella Sweet Inspiration Body Mist

    Who doesn’t love the Zoella range? I have tried most of her beauty products, but my ultimate favourite has always been her body mists. These are my top two favourite scents especially sweet inspirations consisting of sweet yummy macaroons – the scent will leaving you smelling irresistible and absorbs into the skin just beautifully and of course her blissful mistful from her first range which is fresh and floral (also has vitamin E) – if you love subtle and refreshing – this one is for you.

    Bubble T Bath & Body Spray – £1.99 (RRP £2.99)

    Bubble T Bath and Body Spray

    Costing the least out of the two – this spray is amazing for the value. This unique scent has a blend of tea notes and fruit infusions and its so relaxing too. The scent is not overpowering but just perfect for that quick freshening up. I love the packaging as its small, compact and plastic – perfect for travel.

    These are my top favourites body mists, I hope I have helped you with some new finds! If you have any body mists loves please send them my way so I can try them 🙂

    Till my next post…



    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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