Before I get into the world of L’oreal…So sorry for the lack of content.. personal things and work as always gets in the way and before you know it .. its been ages since you last published something eek!

Ramblings aside, I have become seriously obsessed in looking after my skin (more so because I recently turned 30 shhh!!) but I wanted a product that not only

a) Gives me a great results

b) Skin I can feel confident in

c) Lightweight and non-greasy

d) Inexpensive

As much I would love to indulge in high end brands such as Clarins, Lancome, Charlotte Tilbury… honestly I can’t afford the upkeep. So here is a brand that is not only a great price point but a fabulous brand too and that’s L’oreal.

L’oreal have really been upping their skincare range and my god its impressive. Most of my skincare routine now involves a L’oreal brand. I did touch on my fave day moisturiser, but here are some additional beauties I have added to my regime.

Loreal skincare

Pure Clay Glow Scrub

I was eager to try this especially since trying the mask format which I adore. This is a gentle scrub that can be used daily and lightly exfoliates the skin. The beads help your skin appear fresher, brighter and radiant. I use this around 2-3 times week and gives great results for what you need.

Skin Perfection Serum

I currently use the skin perfection day cream and this is the perfect partner to pair it with. Both together, works an absolute dream. It helps to correct and improve your skin appearance. The unique glitter-like serum not only brightens your skin but tightens pores too. When worn under the skin perfection day moisturiser you will see greater results. My skin looks a lot more smoother and radiant and is a great base for your make up.

Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil

I absolutely adore this product. This cleansing oil beautifully melts away make up with ease. I use only need 2-3 pumps and gently massage into my face. Not only does this remove all excess make up but also removes waterproof mascara. Then rinse off and resume the rest of your nightime routine. This helps to keep your skin looking clear and smooth.

I have been trying alot more products from the range which I’ll be sharing in a part 2 post so keep your eyes peeled! So here are just a few products that can make dramatic differences to your skin. My skin is more prepared for my 30s. Bring it on I say!

Have you tried L’oreal skincare range? What are you currently loving?

Till my next post

Yasmin x


Breakouts are the worse. I hate when it happen in the most obvious of places, such as your forehead, tip of your nose and of course we cannot forget about that chin. We can’t stop spots from appearing but we can help prevent them and make them go away faster.

Well the photo and name of this post has probably given it away. But I have found the perfect product that is not only quick and easy to use but works in matter of minutes.

Yes to tomatoes

Yes to Tomatoes Facial Clearing Mask is a beautiful lightweight face mask to help purify and detoxify the skin. Its a deep pore treatment which helps to nourish and gently draws out impurities. This mask has 95% natural ingredients including antioxidant tomatoes to help clear your complexion and prevent further breakouts.

Apply a thin layer onto cleansed skin and only leave on for 5 minutes and then wipe away with a damp cloth. Its as easy as that.

Does it remove breakouts and my thoughts?

I love that its quick and easy to use and is one of those masks you can fit into any busy schedule. I love applying this with a flat foundation brush as it gives you that control to apply a even thin layer onto your skin.

Once I removed with a damp cloth, I instantly saw results. It did not magically remove my spots.. but my skin appeared a lot more fresher, clearer and brighter. Because it contains balancing properties, my skin has never felt so soft and moisturized from a single face mask.

I often like to leave my face free for about 30 minutes before continuing my night regime, this allows the skin to breathe and absorb in the after effects from this mask. I find the products sit a lot better.

I use this once to twice a week depending on the severity of my breakouts. For another tip I do like to use to help calm and reduce blemishes. It works like a dream for this. I have only used this for a couple of weeks but so far so good and seems to help control the number of breakouts. Its calming and refreshing and does not irritate the skin – a plus for me, which makes this perfect even for sensitive skin.


Have you ever tried this break-through mask? 

Till my next post

Yasmin x


L’Oreal true match was one of the first foundations I tried many moons ago. These were the days where I was still learning about make up (and always getting my shade wrong – lol!). Of course I stopped using this once I started branching out to other brands.

But now its made a big come back along with another new foundation such as infallible and other amazing products. (Which I’ll be sharing soon!) As its become such a big product especially within the blogsophere, I had to reunite with this old love. I dont always get my shade right, so it was important I got a more darker, yet warmer tone for my skin. This is the shade 6.5W. Admittedly, I still could of gotten a shade darker as this shade was still a little light but I made it work. (This is where I let bronzers work their magic)

loreal true match foundation

My first thoughts?

The pump is a lot more easier to use and you can have more control with the amount you disperse. I did find the consistency a little more watery then I remembered, but have to say it applied with ease and blended beautifully into the skin. A little really does go a long way, with only 2 pumps this covered my entire face. Because I do like the full coverage I love that this foundation is also buildable without your skin looking cakey or painted on.

However, there were two downsides for me, which made me know the formula of this has changed.

  1.  Once applied and dried onto the skin, I found there was gold glitter undertone, which was beautiful. BUT if you are wanting that simple matte look then this isn’t the foundation for you – especially if you have oily skin like me. Now if you are wanting that gorgeous dewy look – then this is perfect for you. It gives a natural glow and a flawless radiance appearance to your skin.
  2. Its not as long-lasting. Because I have oily skin, its important I have a foundation that not only lasts but doesn’t fade. After 5 hours or so, I found the foundation moved around my skin especially around my t-zone and around my nose and mouth. The product seems to have gather around the edges of my features, which I had to keep blending out throughout the day. By the end of the day – those areas the foundation kind of disappeared making my face look uneven and not polished. If you have dry skin, then you may find another outcome but sadly this wasn’t ideal for me.

L'Oreal Infallible Primer

All about the primer…

( I know I am late to the beauty game with this one!) But I had to make another cheeky purchase along with this foundation and its the infallible priming base – what intrigued me with this product, it promised to be mattifying and instantly change your skin texture.

I found the primer did just that. It not only mattified my skin but left a soft velvety feel too. I loved that it worked perfectly hand in hand with the true match foundation. It helped to set in place for a minimum of 5-6 hours before the foundation started moving and fading.

However, I found it didn’t work as well with my other foundations I use, one being the  Estee Lauder double-wear foundation, which is my holy grail. My skin appeared a lot more heavy and I dont think the foundation gelled well with it.  That was the only downside with this – but I do feel it was made to work with L’Oreal foundations. All in all its a beautiful primer and definitely a product ill be wearing on its own when I am lazying around the house. As it combats those oils and leave your skin looking oil-free and matte.


Have you ever these products from L’Oreal? 


Till my next post lovelies!

Yas x


L’Oreal is one of my favourite high street brands. If you are looking for a brand that is affordable and cares for your skin. This is it. I was on the look out for a new day cream to replace my trustee Drop of Youth Day cream by Body Shop. Like most of us funds can become somewhat difficult and I needed a cream that didn’t break the bank.



As their multi-masks was such a hit (especially within the blogsophere) I was eager to try more from their range. This beautiful perfection correcting day cream not only is ideal for all skin types but is the perfect dupe to any high end cream you may have used.

What I love the most about this cream it feels so silky and luxurious to the skin.  It absorbs easily and gives a blurred effect to help even out skin tone and blemishes. It has a beautiful subtle fragrance and perfect to add to your morning routine. Whether you wear a primer or not – this cream is a great base for your make up and my skin looks even more flawless with foundation.

I wanted to share this beauty with you in a short and sweet review.

Have you tried this cream?

What is your fave from the range?

Till my next post

Yas x


Korres is a brand I only discovered last year and has become one of my top loves. This beautiful brand has a lovely range of products using only natural ingredients. Whether your looking for a soft moisturiser or a gorgeous fragrance, Korres has it all. (Oh did I mention they cater for men too?!)

Korres White Tea Body Cream

I shared my love for their Rose range in a previous post here.  But today I wanted to share my love for this body care beauty. This is White Tea, Bergamot & Freesia Body Milk a beautiful light body moisturiser in the most bright and stunning packaging.

This light body milk is so easy to apply and absorbs extremely well, keeping your skin feeling moisturised and nourished. With its delicate-subtle blend aroma and key ingredient of White tea it does not only make this scent calming but makes your feel so refreshed.

This cream has some key benefits too. Enriched with vitamins and trace elements it works well as a skin boosting agent. Something that is needed at this time of year. I find this cream is best to use on dry skin as you will benefit from the key effects of this product. I did try this on damp skin and found it slide off my skin rather than absorbing.

All in all its a fabulous body care product and if you want to feel luxurious then give this yellow beauty a try?

Have you ever tried Korres?

What is your favourite from the brand? 

Till my next post




We all want beautiful skin. So its important to know what our skin type is so we can be our own expert. So why do many of us get this wrong? Well honestly, our skin changes constantly so at times it can be difficult to really know the state of our skin. Do you know your skin type? Do you think you might be using the wrong products? Well guess what? I am going to be sharing some tips on how you can really know your skin type .. you will be surprised at how easy it is…


Now we are approaching the colder months, our skin always needs that extra loving care. I love finding ‘hidden gems’ especially if they are a multi-use product and this beauty is one of them. This beautiful oil is highly versatile and can be used anywhere on the body that needs that one-on-one attention.


I wanted to share a quick mini-review on a new favourite from one of my most loved brands. For the past year, I love adding a serum or a oil-based product to use between my second cleanse and moisturiser. I find this gives an extra boost to the skin and keep its looking supple. But this beauty here I can say is a new found love.


I miss sharing my monthly favourites so thought I get back to doing these posts. Here are some products I have been loving this month!
These are a dream and I am in love with these cream matte lipsticks. Now they are being sold in the UK its great to have easy access to these beauties. These blend and apply so beautifully and I love how they dry matte and dont budge! They are non-drying and feel so comfortable I forget its even there. Having only tried 2 shades, I am looking forward to adding the rest to my collection.

Younique Face Primer

If you have been a follower since my last blog, you will know how much I love younique products. I was not too much of a fan of this at first but I mix this with my trustee MUA Primer and it works perfectly. Its hydrates my skin as well as keeping the oils at bay too – a perfect base for my makeup. And I absolutely love the packaging.

The colours in this palette are so rich and pigmented a little really does go a long way. I also this as a eyeshadow too, the colours are perfect for a transition colour and to highlight the brow bone too. I love that I can use it as a 2-in-1 product. Perfect for travel.
I recently spoke about these in a post which you can read more here. But I am ecstatic of the results. It has made my skin youthful, brighter and plumper too. My skin has not looked more refreshed after using a product in a while and these will definitely continue to be apart of my skincare routine.
I cannot tell you how gorgeous this cream is. It is so important for me to find a body cream that feels moisturising as well as nourishing to my skin and I have found it in this. Containing oats, yogurt and honey, the scents reminds of me breakfast and its smells beautiful. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it may too sweet, but I have always loved sweet scents so this is a match made in heaven. I love the packaging and the pump is very easy to use and long lasting too.
Still loving this eye cream, I only use this in the mornings as it helps to brighten my eye area and is a perfect eye base for my concealer too. I found it does not diminish the appearance of dark circles but it does help plumps the area as well as smoothing it too. So I am definitely on the lookout for a eye cream that helps remove dark circles.

These are a few products I have been loving and using a lot this month, if you haven’t tried any of these you must you will not regret it!


What products have you been loving? 
Till my next post