I couldn’t wait to share a mini-review of this beauty Nip and Fab Contour Palette. Nip and Fab are known for their great skincare products. When I saw a stand at my local Superdrug of makeup products I was excited to give it a try. It was difficult to know which product to try out first but I can never pass the opportunity of trying their contour palette. This is a product I always use for any makeup look. I love how you can create shadow, definition and of course warmth to the face.

Nip and Fab Contour Palette
Makeup Contour Palette – Dark 3

My thoughts?

What I loved the most about this palette is their range of tones. It gives you the option of intensity you want to create. I would choose the lighter tones for a day to day natural look and the darker tones for more of a dramatic look. I am also obsessed with the orange based tone that is available in the palette. It is too orange for my cheeks but works perfectly for my eyelids as a transition colour as well as under my lash line to create a vibrant summer feel.

The only downside with this palette there is a lot of fallout and can be quite messy once you swirl your brush in. But with a gentle tap, it does apply beautifully onto the skin and is very pigmented so a little really does go a long way. I would test the lighter shades first and build up with the darker shades. Let’s just say I went straight in with the darker shade and my cheeks looked bruised – but what was great it blended well and was able to offset it with another shade in this palette to help it balance.

This beauty palette is available in Light, Medium and Dark so will meet most if not all skin tones which is always a plus. I am looking forward to trying more products from this brand especially their skincare so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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Yasmin x


Finally sharing a bit of luxury on the blog today! I have been secretly been obsessing over this brand for a while. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a luxurious brand featuring some of the most beautiful products. They are most known for their brow pomade (something else I will share with you soon!) Today however, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Modern Renaissance Eye Palette.

This palette has been flying around the blogosphere and been lusting over this palette ever since. Honestly, I never purchased this due to the price point, I always worry buying products over £40 in case its not what I thought. But I took the plunge and made an order on Beauty Bay.


Modern Renaissance Eye Palette Swatch

My first thought?

The packaging is absolutely stunning. Before even opening the palette I could already see the price point in its package. Its a beautiful purple shade with a soft velvet texture. This palette definitely represented the brand at its best. Once opened I was blown away by its appearance, the shades looked bright and vibrant and was excited to give it a whirl.

Each colour is very pigmented and blend so easily. I loved the creamy velvety texture which made blending colours effortlessly. I leaned towards more of the pinky/burgundy tones which were stunning when applied and made my eyes stand out. My favourite shade from the whole palette was ‘Primavera’ its a gorgeous gold subtle glitter and loved its multi-purpose. I loved applying this on my inner corner and my brow bone for a highlight.

All of the colours are rich in tone, which meant not a lot was needed on the brush to see its full colour. What I love the most was there was no fallout. As a whole I was very pleased with this palette and has now become my daily go to for all make up looks.

It has definitely changed my mind towards spending that bit more on some make up products. If you are looking for a quality palette thats long-lasting, easily blend-able and rich in pigment. This Modern Renaissance Eye Palette will not disappoint. One thing I do have to mention, this palette was not easy to grab in the UK as most were out of stock. But did manage to grab this on Beauty Bay, you can also try Cultbeauty which is another great place too.

Do you love this palette as much as I do?


Lets all raise our glasses to another brand releasing matte lipsticks. Yep this time its Sleek MakeUP. This brand was one of the first brands I got into when I first started wearing make up. So you can expect when I heard of this release I was beyond excited.

This range is Matte Me and consist of 12 beautiful shades. It was difficult to choose which shade to try first, as I wanted to buy all! But with all new products I only like to try a selected few before purchasing the entire range. As I currently loving pinky/burgundy tones at the moment I went for these stunning 3.

Matte Lipsticks Swatches

My Thoughts?

The colour pigment was absolutely gorgeous. Not only was the colour bright and intense, the consistency was thick and luscious. I love only one coat is needed and did not find it watery which sometimes is seen in matte lipsticks. It was comfortable to wear but found a lip balm is needed first to keep your lips feeling nourished as with most mattes your lips can tend to dry out which is my biggest pet peeve! I will definitely like to invest in the rest of the shades to see its colour result.

This stunning range is available in either Boots and Superdrug or you can even buy online directly from Sleek MakeUP.


Here are some of tips that I always do when wearing a matte lipstick. So thought this will help you especially for you have never tried a matte lipsticks or not very keen on the finish.

  1. Cover your lips in lip balm: This is a must. Because matte lipsticks are a drying product its important to coat your lips to keep the soft and prevents non-drying.
  2. Line your lips and edges: So you are probably thinking ‘what am I talking about?’ I have many lipsticks that I don’t like the finish but tend to fall in love with the colour. So I line my lips with my favourite lip liner (similar to the chosen shade of the lipstick) and then fill in my lips with the same liner on the edges of my lips and leave the middle. I then apply my choice of matte to the center of my lips. I find this not only keep the colour bold and lasts longer but helps to steer clear of that ‘drying’ feeling.
  3. Apply a base: With the excess of my foundation sponge I tend to pat this over my lips as a base. The true colour of the lipstick shows as its best and gives an even shade across your lips.


Have you tried this range? 

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Yasmin x


Liquid matte lipsticks have become my latest obsession. Never being able to get my hands on the famous Kylie liquid mattes – I have always been in search to get my hands on an alternative.  So you can say I was more than excited when I found out one of my most favourite high street brands were releasing their own range.

So what is this new range you ask? Only released since Wednesday these are the beautiful Liquid Matte Lips by GOSH, available in 8 stunning shades.

Liquid matte swatches

Each shade is absolutely exquisite and I am especially in love with the pinky tones (which I’m surprised about as I often go towards nude tones) . With its thin lip applicator it allows you to apply on with ease and precision, it instantly feels soft on the lips and dries almost instantly leaving a lovely matte finish. The colour pigment has a crazy colour pay off and is both intense and bold.  Its long-lasting and feel non-drying which is always a plus with these  matte lipsticks. Only thing however, I did find my lips felt very sticky which at first felt very uncomfortable, but the more you wear them, the more I didn’t notice. Its long-wearing too, of course if you eat and drink it will need a little touch up.

The packaging I find is simple yet elegant and shows off each shade in all its glory. Because of the consistency and size of this lipstick, it will last you a while and find you can get many applications with this. As a bonus – it also adds volume to your lips too which I love. My favourite shade is Nougat Crisp 007, a beautiful matte nude tone, it has become my new go to.

GOSH Liquid matte

Have you had the chance to try these gorgeous liquid matte lipsticks?

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Yas x


Valentine day is known for its classic reds lipsticks. But I love to play around with pinks shades too, these beautiful shades are fun and flirty, perfect for this romantic day. All of these lipsticks are beautiful in its own right. They apply well and are very pigmented. Each of these lipsticks are inexpensive and will suit any subtle or dramatic look.

Valentines Lipstick Shades

Valentines Lipsticks

Here is a quick round up of my favourite shades and brands.

  1. Gosh Forever Shine – Magic Monday
  2. Maybelline Vivid Matte Shine – Rebel Red
  3. Rimmel Apocalips – Burning Larva
  4. MUA Power Pout Acrylic – Decerous
  5. Gosh Forever Shine – Funky Friday
  6. Boujois Velvet Matte – Nude-ist 07
  7. Gosh Velvet Touch Matte


What is your favourite shade of lipstick?

Till my next post

Yas x


How gorgeous is this palette? As you all know I’m a lover of beauty, but never known M&S to have their own beauty range and was beyond excited to give this a whirl. This is the Limited Edition Face Palette by M&S.

Can we please first start with the packaging? I adore the artistic vision they brought to this palette. The simple art along with all your make up needs on one side. Its a great flat pack too, perfect for travel.

limited edition face palette

limited edition paletteNow the palette. Lets start with eye shadows. This offers a range of matte and shimmer in the most stunning shades. These colours are perfect for all year round (but I can definitely see this being used a lot in spring!)  All in all they are pigmented and blend beautifully. But did find more shades were easier to use than others. The darker shades are a lot more pigment and blended out much easier than the lighter shades. These needed to be layered to really see the colour – but its build-able which anyone can work with.

limited edition eye paletteNow my favourite make up essentials – blusher and highlight. The blush is a subtle rose shade  – absolutely beautiful when applied, again this needed to be packed on but love that you can create your own intensity and it sits lovely on the skin. This would sit wonderfully on fairer skin and bring a natural rose glow to the cheeks.

The highlight is my absolute favourite. I love gold tones and it suits all make up looks. Not only is it pigmented, you can create your own glow. Whether you want it fierce or natural, you can easily build on the colour. I love that its lasts all day too. Once you apply your fixing spray it just holds it perfectly in place without even needing a touch up during the day. Its also great to add a bit of zing to your inner eye corner too.

I could not seem to find this online :S – assume this was only released for Christmas, but do check out the rest of their small range.


Have you ever tried make up from M&S?

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I just love a highlighter – Do you?

I love adding a glow to my face. If you are wanting a highlighter that not only shows a natural radiance to your cheeks but is also inexpensive? Would you believe me if I said this gold gem is only £5?

MUA Gold Highlighter

This is the beautiful MUA Luxe Glow Beam . There is only one word to describe it – Stunning. It is a gorgeous dusting powder to help create a pretty reflecting lift. I love how this can bring any simple or dramatic makeup to life. This highlighter is not only long-lasting but keeps you glowing for hours!

Its unique rotary packaging helps to crush the powder into fine particles.  I did have a faulty problem with mine and found it spun around without releasing any product. If you find this happens to you, the packaging is pretty easy to come apart (Tip: Use a pair of tweezers to release it from the bottom) giving you easy access to use.

I have to say its on my list as one of my top 3 highlighters and love the price point on this baby too. So why not give this a try and add a touch of gold to your skin….

If you love having a glow/shine to your cheeks – whats your favourite product to use? 

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I have always been in love with Makeup Revolution. Their highlighters are out of this world, if you want a glow to those cheekbones you need to check out this brand! This beautiful palette was recommended by one of my favourite beauty YouTubers – Kaushal Beauty – she did a full face using one side drugstore and the other side high end and was astounded by the lack of difference between the two.. not to mention this fabulous palette is the perfect dupe to the Kat Von D Light and Shade palette.


Prime and Set. Two steps I always stick to for any make up look. Its so important to create a nice base for your make up and a setting spray helps to keep the look stay for longer.  These two beauties which have been recently released by Make up Revolution are the perfect duo to start and complete your daily make up.