Do you often find yourself itching your scalp? So what sparked this post? Recently I have been suffering with this and its been uncomfortable to say the least. It can also become a problem in your social setting as you can become self-conscious.

I am not sure how this started. But I do remember my scalp feeling itchy and then sometimes a burning sensation as result. It started to affect my day to day as it was bothering me. Honestly, I thought it was maybe dandruff due to a new hairspray I was using but after much research it was dry scalp which was caused by the changes in weather. Is there a difference? Well they both have similar symptoms both resulting in flaky bits falling from your locks. BUT, the appearance is different.

Dandruff is tinted yellow flakes with a oily consistency and dry scalp is white with a dry texture. If you suffer with either both are easily treatable. But today I am sharing what I did to help with my dry scalp.

Olive Oil

Olive oils are great to use for dry scalp. Its will not only combat and fight against this but keeps your scalp healthy and nourished. Olive oil is the most recommended due to its anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dry scalp or dandruff. As an added bonus it can also improve your hair elasticity and strengthen your locks. Tip: Part your hair into sections. Warm up the olive oil till its a warm temperature and rub the oil into the scalp parting into sections as you go along. Then wrap your hair in a towel for 30 minutes. Shampoo and Condition.

Lemon and Honey

Not only does this help a cold. This also acts as a great hair treatment too. Lemon with its cleansing properties and honey with its antibacterial properties work a dream. Apply this to the scalp ensuring its all covered evenly and rinse thoroughly.

Coconut Oil

This is a lighter oil than Olive oil but works well as a moisture sealant. It helps to restore its natural moisture and helps to bring your scalp back to a normal state. Rub this into your scalp and leave on for an hour. Then rinse thoroughly.

My result?

My scalp has not felt any better. I went with the Olive oil treatment and I massaged this into my scalp and left between 30-45 mins and then shampooed and conditioned as normal. My scalp looked refreshed, clear and above all no dryness. I will definitely continue to do this treatment for a couple more weeks to help nourish the scalp and prevent it from coming back. Tip: if you suffer with dry scalp do not use a dandruff shampoo as this can dry your scalp further and will make it harder to treat. 

These are my top three treatments that I find work well to combat dry scalp. Depending what treatment you use make sure the product is thoroughly rinsed out. Continue your normal hair routine with your shampoo and conditioner. I often do deep conditioning treatments too which helps the locks be healthy and shiny.


Have you had to combat dry scalp? What is the best treatment for you?


I love coconut… its a scent I adore and I had to share a new beauty hair favourite. I have been a fan of the Palmer’s brand for years and regularly use their cocoa butter body cream, so when I saw this leave in conditioner I had to give it a try. As its in the winter months, I find my hair needs that extra lock in moisture and care to keep it looking healthy and shiny and this spray is so easy to use and a perfect quick add in step to your hair routine.


Who doesn’t hate greasy hair? This is my ultimate pet peeve. It tends to happen just days after a hair wash, so I have found some tips that help to stop greasy hair and keeping those oils at bay.

Thoroughly rinse your conditioner & shampoo
I know this is an obvious one but any residue from your shampoo or conditioner can often leave your hair feeling oily and heavy. Ensure to rinse your hair for at least 30 seconds between every shampoo and condition. Your hair will be left lighter and bouncier.
Use cold water as a last rinse
By using cold water it will not only close your hair follicles but leave your hair looking a lot more shiny and silkier.

Use dry shampoo
I absolutely love using this. Its always been my life saver and helps boost those greasy roots too! A quick spray and your good to go. My favourite one to use is by Colab – they also come in travel size which is handy to pop into your handbag.

Baby Powder
Some dry shampoos can be pricey and be an extra expense to keep replacing. So if you’re on a budget why not try baby powder.. Apply a small amount into your hand and massage into your hair, Don’t be alarmed by your hair turning white, the more your rub in this will go and remove those oils too.

Don’t put your hand in
This is something I do often. During the day, I am always fidgeting with my hair – its a bad habit of mine, but by touching your hair frequently, you are adding unnecessary extra oils and this tends to make your hair greasy quicker.

What tricks do you do to maintain your hair?
Till my next post