Are you struggling to sleep?

Keep waking up during the night?

Always tossing and turning?

In today’s post I am going to share with you some quick and easy tips on how to have that perfect nights sleep.

1. Have a hot shower/bath

The heat from the hot water works wonders for helping you to relax and why not treat yourself to a little pamper such as a face mask, body scrub anything that will help you have that ‘fresh-feeling’ of course with the recent warm weather cold showers would be perfect.

2. Drink Herbal Tea

Having a hot drink half an hour to an hour before you sleep can be very soothing and calming, you can have anything to your liking from green tea, chamomile tea, my favourite is apple and cinnamon as long as it does not contain caffeine as this will keep you up all night!

3. Hot Water Bottle

As its gets colder during the nights, having a hot water under your sheets makes all the difference, not only will it make you feel warmer but it creates a cosy feeling – helping you to dose off.

4. Listening to Music

For me this is a must, I always have to sleep with something calming in the background, it can be sounds of a piano, nature, even yoga music. Spotify has amazing playlists for this – by leaving this on a low volume helps creates a calm atmosphere to help you sleep.

5. Lighting

This of course depends on you and what you are comfortable with. Lighting is important when trying to sleep, you can have full darkness, a lamp on, or even a little night light to help create a dim mood. Whatever it may be it needs to suit to you and what makes you feel relaxed.

That’s my top quick tips! What I love about these, they are inexpensive and most likely you will have these already in your home to try. Hopefully these will help you to easily drift off.


What are your tips in helping you to sleep? 



There is no shame in being made redundant, its a very difficult and stressful time. I know this all to well. I have had this happen twice and it doesn’t get any easier but how you handle it – can.

For both occasions, I was told there would be ‘a restructure of the business’ which often means roles get changed or often shifted which tends to result in your role not existing anymore. Its natural to instantly feel panic, sadness and overwhelmed emotions. I know I did. My first thought was “How would I pay the bills” “What if I dont have find another job in time” you will have hundreds of thoughts and questions of why this happening. But its important during this time (and going through the process) is to take control.

I definitely found the second time round was much easier to deal with then the first and here are some things I did to help me get through it.

  • Try to not take it personal

Unless otherwise, you were told you were ‘unprofessional’ or leaving due to your performance. Try to not take it to heart (easier said I know!) but often or not – most decisions are made for long-term business goals and one thing I have learnt is businesses change and so does their focus of the company.

  • Do not doubt your ability 

I know its easier to blame yourself and think it was you that made this happen. Its not. They wouldn’t have employed right? You did well. You performed to the best of your ability. You were and are good enough. Unfortunately these things happen – all we can do is make the best out of a bad situation.

  • Talk to your loved ones

Its so important to talk to those around you can confide in. Talking for me always helps. It allows you to talk about what you’re going through and feeling and sometimes gaining advice from others also helps too.

  • New opportunities

I believe everything happens for a reason. Right now I can understand you’re feeling worst for wear and everything just sucks! and why me! right? You have every right to feel that. But just feel it – dont be it. Use this time to see if there is something else you would like to do. Do you want to change careers? Start your own business? Go freelance perhaps? Whatever it may be – you have so many choices to make. Tip: Brainstorm what you would like to do and what you are good at. It also helps to lists what you dont like too. Look at your list and then start to see what potential roles or actions you can do to make it happen.

  • Take a break

I found this was the most helpful to me. Taking some time off. Whether you relax for a few days at home, or go and spend some time with family. Taking a mind break is a must. Refresh and refuel your batteries so you can face your new path head on.


If you are someone who is going through this, you are not alone. You will look back on this and you will see it as such a great learning curve. Being positive is the best way forward.

Please feel free to pop me an email or tweet if you need a sounding board.


Till my next post

Y x


This was a post I wrote a while ago and thought to share this as its been something I tend to struggle with. I have reached a stage where I often ask myself ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Plans?’ ‘Next steps?’ This has often left me feeling lost and doubting myself even to making decisions as I’m afraid of being a failure.

Its always easy to get down, but someone once told me when you are down the only way out is up. ‘Easier said than done right?’ I totally agree. I often find myself trying to get out of this negative mindset I have sunk myself in. But there are ways that can help your mind and body to reach a place where you begin to trust your inner self and have belief again.

Here are some things I am doing to help have a positive mind.

1. Make a List of Wants

One of the reasons of why we feel lost is because we are not fulfilled. We are not doing the things we want to do. Whether its wanting to change your job, take on a new activity – make a list. When we are feeling low this is the best time to write them as you tend to reflect more. Stick these on your wall, or your fridge, somewhere where you will see at least once a day to remind you of achieving those wants.

2. Relaxation 

Its always good to find ways to relax and help calm your body and mind. You can try having a relaxing bath with your favourite smellies and candles, to reading a book, doing a yoga session which I find always helps. For me I love writing so I tend to write which keeps me distracted.

3. Fresh Air

Something as simple as having a bit of ‘fresh air’ always helps. Have a brisk walk through your local park, or even walking round the block. If you want to go even further – why not take a trip to another town or for me I would go central London and have a look around – you never know inspiration could always come to you.

4. Treat & Pamper Yourself

Why not self-indulge? Whether its treating yourself to your favourite foods, to buying a treat of your favourite fragrance, a facial, massage, or even giving your nails a fresh polish? It does not always have to equal to spending but I find this lifts up your spirits and allow you to focus attention on yourself.

5. Surround yourself with loved ones

This is my ultimate remedy, the last thing you want to do is when your feeling alone is to be physically alone. Be around friends that you can feel comfortable with or your partner. I love being around positive people that can help lift my spirits.


What are your remedies when you are feeling lost?

Till my next post.

Yas x


I love Valentines Day… Its funny how we used to dread and feel down on this day, especially if you’re single. Well fear not ladies..this is a day for self-loving! So being a fellow singleton myself, I wanted to share some ideas I’ll be doing to help you relax and feel pampered.


Having a good face regime always makes me feel good. My favourite part is removing my make up from a long day. Its the best. So pull out your favourite cleansers and set your skin free. Before I commence my usual step by step routine, I love to whack on my favourite face mask – right now I am absolutely loving L’Oreal Glow Mask. Its so gentle to the skin and leaves a beautiful brightness to your skin. I then love to finish off with a facial oil and luxurious moisturiser to make your skin feel refreshed, clean and supple. My current loves are the Primer Overnight Oil by GOSH and the Triple Night Cream by L’Oreal – two inexpensive products that work a dream.


Baths are the ultimate relaxation. I often take showers due to time, but when I do take a bath I love to enjoy them. I usually like to add a bath bomb or bath salts and have a good soak. But right now I love to add oils – my current favourite is Lavender – these are perfect for soothing and deep relaxation. Also as a added bonus, Lavender is known to help with anxiety and assist with sleep. Once I’m relaxed and my skin feels fully soaked – I love to coat my skin in baby oil, I find it really helps to lock in the moisture and keeps your skin feeling really soft. If I take a bath at night time – Baby oil is the only body moisture I need. Tip: Rub baby oil into your skin when its wet and pat your skin dry. 


I love to care my hair and every week I indulge in a hair treatment, whether its a hair mask or a leave-in conditioner and really leave it do its magic. We often use heat appliances or products that can wear our hair down. So its important to nourish it as much as possible and if anything it does feel like your treating yourself too! My current favourite is Palmers Deep Conditioning Pack these sachets are perfect for weekly treatments. I like to use the entire sachet after my shampoo and conditioner and leave in for a couple of hours. Or if you like to create your own hair treatment, I love to add a few drops of Rosemary oil to my current conditioner and leave this in too. Rosemary is a perfect addition for healthier scalp and can also stimulate hair growth. Also as a added bonus it can help decrease stress levels too.


I never feel complete without a fresh coat of nail polish. There is something about applying a new paint that makes you feel brand new. I love nails, nail art and trying new colours. I paint my nails once a week and love that it feels therapeutic too. My favourite brands I am currently loving right now are H&M beauty range, they have a vast range of colours and textures – I shared a previous post them here. Collection 2000 – I am loving their range of colours, they dry quickly, long-lasting and inexpensive too. And if you feel like adding a bit of glitter as treat then GOSH as the best polishes.

Movies and a little Indulgence…

And last but not least. Indulge in your favourite snack, relax and take out your favourite movies or box set. I love to explore Netflix and browse to see what takes my fancy. Or often or not I like to take out my ‘Friends’ or ‘Sex in the City’ box sets and immerse myself into my favourite episodes. This is all about spending with you, so you watch what you love and make sure its something that you enjoy too.

So thats my top 5 ideas of how you can enjoy valentines day this year….or any day you want to take to time for yourself.


How would you be spending your valentines? 

Till my next post

Yas x


Ever had mornings where you woken up late or you just suddenly realise time is running out. I have some tips for achieving a polished look when you only have a matter of minutes.. (something I am still trying to adopt?!?)

Make up 

This is probably the hardest for me – I find it so hard to not leave the house with a full face, but when I am pressed for time, I reach for the simple basics.

  • Even your skin tone: I either use a Foundation or BB Cream to achieve a good base
  • Battle those dark circles: I use a concealer for brightening and covering any redness
  • Powder: To set everything in place
  • Brightening those cheeks: I would reach for either my Bronzer or Blusher for warmth/depth
  • Mascara: To open up those eyes
  • Brow Pencil: We all know even the most basics of looks are not complete without brows
  • Lip balm/gloss: To finish everything off a lovely neutral lip

Don’t overthink your outfit

When your rushed, its so important to feel good but still achieving that ‘polished’ look without anyone knowing you just threw it on in 5 minutes. Usually I prepare my outfit the night before, BUT if you don’t have time or forget to do this, here are some tips on how to create this without getting into a fluster and trying every thing you own!

  • Sticking to only 1 or 2 items: This could be a tee with jeans, a dress and tights, skirt and a jumper – whatever it may be, try and keep it as minimalist as possible. The more items you wear and layer this is where indecisiveness kicks in and you will never achieve a simple look.
  • Stripes: I absolutely love stripes and always brings something different to an outfit, whether its pairing a stripe tee with jeans or a cute tunic, stripes are not only flattering but looks like you put thought into your outfit.
  • Sticking to neutral/basics colours: Sometimes when throwing in colour, this can put a spanner in the works and you end up trying to figure out what complements each other, stick to your neutrals such as cream, white and black.
  • Wear all Black: If all fails, you can never go wrong with black – I always go to this colour when I seem to never find anything to wear, its slimming, flattering and perfect for this season
  • Comfortable Footwear: The last thing we want to think about is our footwear, always go to the shoe that pretty much goes with everything, and something that’s comfortable to walk in and is your staple item. Such as white sneakers or black ankle boots.


Now this is a easy one…. I have had many times where I’ve only had 10 minutes (if that!) to do my hair. Here are some quick tips:

  • Curls: Believe it or not this can be done so quickly, the trick is to only curl the ends of your hair, or at least from midway you can use either a straightener or curler, depends what you are comfortable with and go round the hair picking up big strands, once done, finger comb to create that effortless bounce look. To hold everything in place, I usually use a hair wax, but hairspray is good too
  • Hollywood Bun: This is perfect if your hair is greasy, you simply brush your hair up into a ponytail and then wrap the hair round the band and either secure with another or place a number of pins to hold into place, hairspray and comb the edges for a smooth look then your done
  • Classic Ponytail: You can never go wrong with a simple ponytail. Sleek back and secure with a band and hairspray into place.
  • Bed Hair: If time is really against you, embrace your bed hair, it would of been styled the night before, all you need is too add some texture such as hair wax, gel or spray and scrunch in your hair to have the ‘tousled’ look

So here are just a few tips you can take with you when one of those mornings happen!

Tip: Remember  to keep it simple…

What are your tips for when your in rush?