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    So you are probably wondering can you really clean and dry your make up brushes in seconds? If you have not heard of this innovative tool, it’s the Stylpro Brush Cleaner created by Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau.

    Cleaning make-up brush has often been a task I dreaded (you can read more on how here), as it took time to not only clean each one but took up to 24 hours to dry which was time-consuming, I always had to do it on a day I knew I was not leaving the house!
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    This unique invention uses spin technology to leave your make up brushes clean and dry in less than the time it takes to apply your lipstick! So what does this kit contain?


    • Stylpro device
    • Attachment Spindle
    • Plastic Cleaning Bowl
    • Samples of Brush Cleaner
    • 8x Flexible Silicone Collars (to suit all brushes)
    • Collar Stand
    • Instruction Booklet
    • Batteries

    How to use?

    • Attach your brush to a silicon collar and then attach to the spindle and device.

    • Add a small amount of brush cleanser OR your chosen soap and a small amount of water

    • Dab the brush into the liquid and turn on the device and move it up and down for a couple of seconds

    • Raise it above the water (still keeping it in the bowl) and spin for 10 seconds

    • Your brush will appear clean, dry and ready to use!

    My thoughts of the Stylpro?

    I love the easiness of this tool and it’s so handy to clean your brushes whenever you need. I love the convenience and of course how quick it is. However, do I think my brushes are fully clean? No. Why? Well, I think this tool is perfect for a quick clean and also found it only cleans best when buying their brush cleanser (£12). This is an oil-like formula that soaks in all the product from your brushes and spins them to a clean state.

    I also have tried this with baby shampoo and water (which is what I use to clean my brushes) and found they were only half clean. My brushes didn’t appear clean and fluffy as when I do my usual method.

    So if you are interested in trying this – its great to quickly clean your brushes weekly but I would still do a deep clean of your brushes once a month with the old method of washing each one and allowing them a day to dry. It’s quite an expensive tool, I personally don’t think its worth the amount £39.99 as it is a battery based tool. If no batteries were needed then I would not question the £.

    But.. I know there are some guilty parties out there that don’t wash their brushes at all.. so this would be ideal for you as it takes the hard work out for you.

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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