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    Online Dating

    Online dating is tricky stuff… even though it may be exciting to talk and meet new people. The downside to online dating is catfishes, among other things, which I’ll share in this post. So I wanted to share some personal experiences I found to make you aware and catch them out.

    Not giving away much information

    Now, this is something I have noticed most recently. A conversation will start with a guy and once you get over the “hello” “how was your weekend?” you then get into the gritty stuff of wanting to know their location, occupation, intentions and I guess anything else that allows you to get a feel of a person.

    What has happened to me many times, is either the guy will avoid the questions and only answer part of it OR deflect the question and ask you. If this is happening too regularly then they are hiding something. If a person is not investing in you then walk away and get to know another.

    No Picture was shown

    I would have accounts message me without a photo in their profile. Now, this may not be a catfish per say. But its something to look out for. I would often receive messages such as “Let’s gets talking on WhatsApp and ill send a pic” OR “I don’t want anyone from my work to know I am using this” In some instances, this may true. But if you are brave enough to show yourself on the site why shouldn’t they?

    Multiple Accounts OR Creating New Ones

    This is probably the most obvious one. I tend to see the same photos but with different usernames. Often or not the person may say ‘they couldn’t delete the other account’ or ‘someone is impersonating me’. Personally, it’s not normal to have two accounts on a dating site so steer clear. Another is if a person keeps creating a new account too regularly using the same photos.

    Fake Photos

    The profile details such as age, profession or even their ‘about me’ section may be true. But their photos could be fake. Now there are a number of ways you can detect this. For me, Instagram plays a huge part. If you are a regular user you will recognize certain photos of people around your feeds and that’s how I caught a few out. Some guys would take images from a well-known Instagram account and impersonate that person. What’s great with some dating sites – you can report the account which can result in being deleted.

    Some photos can also be photoshopped, it’s not always noticeable but I tend to look out for if an image seems to be distorted or pixelated but I find always listen to your judgment and instincts.

    Online Dating

    These are just a few highlights I found during my journey of online dating. But don’t let this put you off, I believe you can find true love in the world of online dating but it’s important to be cautious and aware.

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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