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    how to get ready in minutes

    Ever had mornings where you woken up late or you just suddenly realise time is running out. I have some tips for achieving a polished look when you only have a matter of minutes.. (something I am still trying to adopt?!?)

    Make up 

    This is probably the hardest for me – I find it so hard to not leave the house with a full face, but when I am pressed for time, I reach for the simple basics.

    • Even your skin tone: I either use a Foundation or BB Cream to achieve a good base
    • Battle those dark circles: I use a concealer for brightening and covering any redness
    • Powder: To set everything in place
    • Brightening those cheeks: I would reach for either my Bronzer or Blusher for warmth/depth
    • Mascara: To open up those eyes
    • Brow Pencil: We all know even the most basics of looks are not complete without brows
    • Lip balm/gloss: To finish everything off a lovely neutral lip

    Don’t overthink your outfit

    When your rushed, its so important to feel good but still achieving that ‘polished’ look without anyone knowing you just threw it on in 5 minutes. Usually I prepare my outfit the night before, BUT if you don’t have time or forget to do this, here are some tips on how to create this without getting into a fluster and trying every thing you own!

    • Sticking to only 1 or 2 items: This could be a tee with jeans, a dress and tights, skirt and a jumper – whatever it may be, try and keep it as minimalist as possible. The more items you wear and layer this is where indecisiveness kicks in and you will never achieve a simple look.
    • Stripes: I absolutely love stripes and always brings something different to an outfit, whether its pairing a stripe tee with jeans or a cute tunic, stripes are not only flattering but looks like you put thought into your outfit.
    • Sticking to neutral/basics colours: Sometimes when throwing in colour, this can put a spanner in the works and you end up trying to figure out what complements each other, stick to your neutrals such as cream, white and black.
    • Wear all Black: If all fails, you can never go wrong with black – I always go to this colour when I seem to never find anything to wear, its slimming, flattering and perfect for this season
    • Comfortable Footwear: The last thing we want to think about is our footwear, always go to the shoe that pretty much goes with everything, and something that’s comfortable to walk in and is your staple item. Such as white sneakers or black ankle boots.


    Now this is a easy one…. I have had many times where I’ve only had 10 minutes (if that!) to do my hair. Here are some quick tips:

    • Curls: Believe it or not this can be done so quickly, the trick is to only curl the ends of your hair, or at least from midway you can use either a straightener or curler, depends what you are comfortable with and go round the hair picking up big strands, once done, finger comb to create that effortless bounce look. To hold everything in place, I usually use a hair wax, but hairspray is good too
    • Hollywood Bun: This is perfect if your hair is greasy, you simply brush your hair up into a ponytail and then wrap the hair round the band and either secure with another or place a number of pins to hold into place, hairspray and comb the edges for a smooth look then your done
    • Classic Ponytail: You can never go wrong with a simple ponytail. Sleek back and secure with a band and hairspray into place.
    • Bed Hair: If time is really against you, embrace your bed hair, it would of been styled the night before, all you need is too add some texture such as hair wax, gel or spray and scrunch in your hair to have the ‘tousled’ look

    So here are just a few tips you can take with you when one of those mornings happen!

    Tip: Remember  to keep it simple…

    What are your tips for when your in rush?

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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