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    online dating

    This is a bit of a different post for me. I have been trying online dating off and on for the past year or so. I tend to give it a go then delete the app for months then return, in hopes it has somehow changed in that time. To be honest, online dating never changes, its pretty much down to timing, luck and the people you meet.

    So the purpose of this post? I wanted to share openings of their version of ‘conversations starters’ to give you those who never tried online dating on what to expect and those who have – you are not alone. lol.


    • ‘very cute’

    • ‘wow’

    • ‘Hows your day treating you’

    • ‘I like you’

    • ‘You wouldn’t know what love was’ (hmmm on what assumption lol)

    • ‘Hi, liked your profile and like your pictures, let’s be friends’

    • ‘Hey, hey, So how’s your day going? Everyone loves Monday…had a nice maccies and done some shopping, Awesome I know. What’s your favourite chocolate?

    • ‘Those big brown eyes, do you prefer cookies or a movie?’

    • ‘Let’s be friends’

    • ‘Let’s go and make babies’ (ermmm really?!?)

    • ‘There is plenty of fish in the sea, take your pick, if your looking for a new love’

    • ‘Hey, I think you’re stunning…ah sod it, lets cut to the chase… Marry me?’

    • ‘You look real special, who are you looking for?’

    • ‘Hi there, I like interesting conversations – can you keep one?’

    • ‘Excuse me, you seem to have dropped my jaw’

    • ‘no luck finding love yet? if not can I please offer myself?’

    • ‘Whats a beautiful girl like you doing on here thought I’d drop a message in hopes you’ll say hi back’

    • ‘Let me be your knight and shining armor’

    • ‘Can you marry me, you are on fire’

    • ‘You have the cheekiest smile EVER! Teamed with your symmetric eyebrows it unequivocally warranted a message!’ (lol)

    • ‘Wanna get eaten out tonight’ (?!?!)

    • ‘Please tell me seriously how I can take you off the app and hopefully be yours forever, or is that a bit too forward? lol’

    • ‘I would have been a fool to not say hi’

    These are just a few messages I have received during my experience online. I thought this was would be a fun post to share with you.  If you are interested in seeing more in a future post please leave a comment below!


    What type of messages do you receive? 

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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    • afifahaddnan says:

      Some of them were cute and others were so cringy ‘Please tell me seriously how I can take you off the app and hopefully be yours forever, or is that a bit too forward? lol’ is my favourite.