24 September, 2016 • Posted in Beauty

    I love perfumes… and love to add as many as I can to my already growing collection. As much as I love designer perfumes, lets face it they are not always good for our budget. But there is hope yet.. High street brands are upping their game and are releasing some amazing fragrances that not only fit our pocket but smell absolutely amazing.

    Which brings me to share these beauties with you…..New Look have a small beauty range consisting of make up, accessories and other little trinkets you will love, especially their pure range of perfumes. They have four fragrances available but these two are my favourites. Each perfume has a base scent of a oriental theme mixed with different notes..


    Pure Blush Pink – “Feminine and Timeless”

    This perfume is mixed with citrus notes and is perfect for the daytime, its fresh yet floral and settles into the skin beautifully. The bottle is simple yet elegant and is the perfect add to any dressing table.


    Pure Dusk Purple – “Free, Happy and Deep”

    This fragrance has added notes of iris, patchouli and a sweetness gourmand blend. I love this fragrance especially as it has a musky vanilla scent which I adore and something I always look for in any fragrance. I love the shape of the bottle too and looks beautiful with the rest of my collection.

    Each 100ml perfume costs £12.99 which is an amazing value and also offer travel size scents too, perfect to pop into your bag for on the go…

    What is your favourite high street brand perfume?

    Till my next post



    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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