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    I have been meaning to share my trip and its been crazy since ive got back. I am finally here writing this in my PJs. This was my first holiday in 4 years (I know I left it too long!). I was beyond excited to share my travels with you. This trip was part of my birthday celebrations and did a 4 night – 5 days stay in the heart of beautiful Lisbon.

    There are so many things you can do, but be aware a lot of walking and hills involved! This was something I definitely did not prepare for (thankfully I packed my trainers) We stayed in Bairro-Alto which is the perfect place in terms of commuting to different areas. We were not only next to the metro (nearest station baixa/chiado), national railway but also next to the famous 28 tram which takes you all over Lisbon.


    Lisbon is absolutely beautiful with its gorgeous weather, historical buildings, and culture. If you like site seeing you will need to go to Alfama which oversees the sea, the stunning houses of Lisbon along with a beautiful church and grounds.

    Now if you are beach person like myself. Lisbon has their fair share of gorgeous beaches. You can travel to their city beaches which are half an hour or so away and there are around 5. We visited 3 – Carcavelos, Estoril and Cascais these are all located on the national rail. These beaches are smaller but found these were not busy at all and had many restaurants and places on hand if you wanted a quick snack, ice-cream or meal. We always walked into the small towns which was lovely to see and have to say it was nice it was all flat ground!

    As I am obsessed with beaches I wanted to branch out a bit further and have the chance to see what Lisbon had to offer. We went to Sesimbra which is 37 mins away by car or around 2 hours by train and bus (which is what we did) We took a train to Parque das Nações bus station and took the 207 bus (40 mins) all the way there. Its lovely to take in the sights during the journey and got to see the bell tower and other small towns. Sesimbra beach is breathtaking – with its white sand and blue water it was serene and peaceful.

    Now one of my favourite parts. Food. I was often told before I went, the food is a lot cheaper than London. However, I didn’t find that (perhaps we didn’t look close enough) but prices for a meal were around €8 – €15 but did find their portions were larger so you got more than you paid for. Lisbon is known for their seafood and its so fresh and exquisite- that’s pretty much what I ate the most.

    But my love was for their cakes, pastries, teas and coffees. The prices were unreal and their cakes tasted so good. Of course, if you don’t already know Portugal are known for their custard tarts – Pastéis de Nata which is crisp pastry filled with a rich egg custard filing. My friend and I were obsessed with these little tarts and possibly had a couple per day. It didn’t help each one only cost €1. And if you love coffee – often people will pop into a cafe and stand by the counter and have a quick espresso shot (costs only 60 cents!) I am not a coffee person at all but fell in love with their latte, it was strong but so creamy too.

    If you want to fill yourself with gorgeous coffees and pastries and take in the stunning sights – Lisbon would be the perfect for you. It was a lovely trip and thoroughly enjoyed my time there and glad I had the chance to visit – I also want to thank one of my best friends for making this trip possible.


    Have you ever been to Lisbon?

    Till my next post

    Yasmin x

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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