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    Matte Lipsticks

    Lets all raise our glasses to another brand releasing matte lipsticks. Yep this time its Sleek MakeUP. This brand was one of the first brands I got into when I first started wearing make up. So you can expect when I heard of this release I was beyond excited.

    This range is Matte Me and consist of 12 beautiful shades. It was difficult to choose which shade to try first, as I wanted to buy all! But with all new products I only like to try a selected few before purchasing the entire range. As I currently loving pinky/burgundy tones at the moment I went for these stunning 3.

    Matte Lipsticks Swatches

    My Thoughts?

    The colour pigment was absolutely gorgeous. Not only was the colour bright and intense, the consistency was thick and luscious. I love only one coat is needed and did not find it watery which sometimes is seen in matte lipsticks. It was comfortable to wear but found a lip balm is needed first to keep your lips feeling nourished as with most mattes your lips can tend to dry out which is my biggest pet peeve! I will definitely like to invest in the rest of the shades to see its colour result.

    This stunning range is available in either Boots and Superdrug or you can even buy online directly from Sleek MakeUP.


    Here are some of tips that I always do when wearing a matte lipstick. So thought this will help you especially for you have never tried a matte lipsticks or not very keen on the finish.

    Cover your lips in lip balm: This is a must. Because matte lipsticks are a drying product its important to coat your lips to keep the soft and prevents non-drying.

    Line your lips and edges: So you are probably thinking ‘what am I talking about?’ I have many lipsticks that I don’t like the finish but tend to fall in love with the colour. So I line my lips with my favourite lip liner (similar to the chosen shade of the lipstick) and then fill in my lips with the same liner on the edges of my lips and leave the middle. I then apply my choice of matte to the center of my lips. I find this not only keep the colour bold and lasts longer but helps to steer clear of that ‘drying’ feeling.

    Apply a base: With the excess of my foundation sponge I tend to pat this over my lips as a base. The true colour of the lipstick shows as its best and gives an even shade across your lips.


    Have you tried this range? 

    Till my next post

    Yasmin x

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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    • Rand0mg4l says:

      I’ve tried some of the other shades in this range (bittersweet, shabby chic & birthday suit) & I completely agree with everything you said!!!☺️☺️