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    Prime and Set. Two steps I always stick to for any make up look. Its so important to create a nice base for your make up and a setting spray helps to keep the look stay for longer.  These two beauties which have been recently released by Make up Revolution are the perfect duo to start and complete your daily make up.

    Aqua Priming Base Water 

    I always use a cream or gel based primer – a spritz primer however is definitely a first. This primer is very lightweight and refreshing to the skin. It does not leave your skin feeling wet or greasy and dries beautifully onto the skin creating a perfect base.

    Ensure to shake the bottle before use and hold at least 8-10cm away from your face and then leave to dry naturally for about 5 mins. You can rub it into your face if you like, but I do find better results when you let it absorb on itS own. I loved how my makeup sat with this – it was the perfect base. I love thats is easier to use and has a cool, fresh feeling.

    Pro Fix Oil Control Setting Spray

    I absolutely love this! Setting sprays have become apart of my routine for the past year or so and honestly I feel lost without it. As I have oily skin, I often found many setting sprays do hold my make up in place, but cannot control my shiny areas (often my cheeks and T-zone!) This spray however certainly does the trick. It not only mattifies my make up but it also hold off the shine for most of the day.

    If I am out all day or have an important occasion, I do like to respray to refresh my make up and this is perfect for that. It re-mattifies and keeps you’re make up looking matte. When you do use, make sure to shake the bottle and most importantly keep a good distance from your face, I found at times when held too close the spray turns into water droplets rather than a mist (which is not ideal!)

    If you are looking for an base and set these would be perfect for you to try out. If you don’t have oily skin, they do have a Pro Fixing Spray for all skin types.

    Have you tried these from Make Up Revolution? What are you favourite base and set products?


    Till my next post



    Till my next post..

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