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    loreal skincare

    Before I get into the world of L’oreal…So sorry for the lack of content.. personal things and work as always gets in the way and before you know it .. its been ages since you last published something eek!

    Ramblings aside, I have become seriously obsessed in looking after my skin (more so because I recently turned 30 shhh!!) but I wanted a product that not only

    a) Gives me a great results

    b) Skin I can feel confident in

    c) Lightweight and non-greasy

    d) Inexpensive

    As much I would love to indulge in high end brands such as Clarins, Lancome, Charlotte Tilbury… honestly I can’t afford the upkeep. So here is a brand that is not only a great price point but a fabulous brand too and that’s L’oreal.

    L’oreal have really been upping their skincare range and my god its impressive. Most of my skincare routine now involves a L’oreal brand. I did touch on my fave day moisturiser, but here are some additional beauties I have added to my regime.

    Loreal skincare

    Pure Clay Glow Scrub

    I was eager to try this especially since trying the mask format which I adore. This is a gentle scrub that can be used daily and lightly exfoliates the skin. The beads help your skin appear fresher, brighter and radiant. I use this around 2-3 times week and gives great results for what you need.

    Skin Perfection Serum

    I currently use the skin perfection day cream and this is the perfect partner to pair it with. Both together, works an absolute dream. It helps to correct and improve your skin appearance. The unique glitter-like serum not only brightens your skin but tightens pores too. When worn under the skin perfection day moisturiser you will see greater results. My skin looks a lot more smoother and radiant and is a great base for your make up.

    Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil

    I absolutely adore this product. This cleansing oil beautifully melts away make up with ease. I use only need 2-3 pumps and gently massage into my face. Not only does this remove all excess make up but also removes waterproof mascara. Then rinse off and resume the rest of your nightime routine. This helps to keep your skin looking clear and smooth.

    I have been trying alot more products from the range which I’ll be sharing in a part 2 post so keep your eyes peeled! So here are just a few products that can make dramatic differences to your skin. My skin is more prepared for my 30s. Bring it on I say!

    Have you tried L’oreal skincare range? What are you currently loving?

    Till my next post

    Yasmin x

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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