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    Finding that perfect face masks is always a treat. I love to pamper my skin at least once a week to help rejuvenate and be refreshed. I know there has been a huge hype on these new beauties from L’oreal especially it being their first face masks to be released.

    There are three masks in total within this range consisting of Detox, Glow and Purity, each one has its own benefits and whats unique about these? You can multi-mask. Multi-mask is a technique where you can use different masks to target each skin area depending on the result you need, whether you want to exfoliate, brighten or to clarify  – you can create your own bespoke mask – which I think is absolute genius.

    I purchased two out of the three – the Glow Mask and Detox Mask, I found I would use and benefit out these more than the purity.

    Detox Mask

    Enriched with black charcoal, this beautiful mask detoxifies the skin and works deep into the pores leaving the skin feeling clarified and refreshed. I found this mask has a slight cooling agent when applied and glided on with ease. I used a foundation brush to help carve the areas I wanted to target.

    It dries fairly quickly and found in certain areas it tightened my skin – I would advise to not apply this around the eye area as you may feel a pulling sensation which can be uncomfortable (not to mention to cause early wrinkles eek!). Once rinsed off my skin felt zingy, fresh and clearer. I am loving the instant results already.

    Glow Mask

    Now this mask is my favourite, anything containing the words ‘exfoliate‘ and ‘brighten’ I will grab at the chance. This mask has more of a grainy texture than the cool smooth texture of the detox mask.

    Enriched with red algae which is known for its brightening properties it also contains apricot seeds to help exfoliate the skin and help release its natural glow. I found this mask to be nourishing and did not leave my skin feeling dry. It did not dry into a clay mask as the detox did and still felt quite wet to the skin which was perfect to even apply around the eye area. When rinsing off the mask, I did rub it in the skin slightly to further exfoliate – my skin appeared a lot brighter and was glowing. I found the results to appear more from my cheeks, they looked uplifted and more plump too.

    Both of these masks are beautiful and loved how easy they were to use and how it soothed without any irritation – with most masks you tend to have to use minimum once a week. These masks can be used every 2-3 days depending on your skin appearance which shows how gentle they are to the skin. Costing only £8 they are easy on the pocket too and can be used for up to 10 applications (depending how thin or thick your layers are).

    Have you tried L’oreal Pure Clay Face Mask? Would love to hear your thoughts below..

    Till my next post



    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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