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    lightweight foundation

    L’Oreal true match was one of the first foundations I tried many moons ago. These were the days where I was still learning about make up (and always getting my shade wrong – lol!). Of course I stopped using this once I started branching out to other brands.

    But now its made a big come back along with another new foundation such as infallible and other amazing products. (Which I’ll be sharing soon!) As its become such a big product especially within the blogsophere, I had to reunite with this old love. I dont always get my shade right, so it was important I got a more darker, yet warmer tone for my skin. This is the shade 6.5W. Admittedly, I still could of gotten a shade darker as this shade was still a little light but I made it work. (This is where I let bronzers work their magic)

    loreal true match foundation

    My first thoughts?

    The pump is a lot more easier to use and you can have more control with the amount you disperse. I did find the consistency a little more watery then I remembered, but have to say it applied with ease and blended beautifully into the skin. A little really does go a long way, with only 2 pumps this covered my entire face. Because I do like the full coverage I love that this foundation is also buildable without your skin looking cakey or painted on.

    However, there were two downsides for me, which made me know the formula of this has changed.

    1.  Once applied and dried onto the skin, I found there was gold glitter undertone, which was beautiful. BUT if you are wanting that simple matte look then this isn’t the foundation for you – especially if you have oily skin like me. Now if you are wanting that gorgeous dewy look – then this is perfect for you. It gives a natural glow and a flawless radiance appearance to your skin.
    2. Its not as long-lasting. Because I have oily skin, its important I have a foundation that not only lasts but doesn’t fade. After 5 hours or so, I found the foundation moved around my skin especially around my t-zone and around my nose and mouth. The product seems to have gather around the edges of my features, which I had to keep blending out throughout the day. By the end of the day – those areas the foundation kind of disappeared making my face look uneven and not polished. If you have dry skin, then you may find another outcome but sadly this wasn’t ideal for me.

    L'Oreal Infallible Primer

    All about the primer…

    ( I know I am late to the beauty game with this one!) But I had to make another cheeky purchase along with this foundation and its the infallible priming base – what intrigued me with this product, it promised to be mattifying and instantly change your skin texture.

    I found the primer did just that. It not only mattified my skin but left a soft velvety feel too. I loved that it worked perfectly hand in hand with the true match foundation. It helped to set in place for a minimum of 5-6 hours before the foundation started moving and fading.

    However, I found it didn’t work as well with my other foundations I use, one being the  Estee Lauder double-wear foundation, which is my holy grail. My skin appeared a lot more heavy and I dont think the foundation gelled well with it.  That was the only downside with this – but I do feel it was made to work with L’Oreal foundations. All in all its a beautiful primer and definitely a product ill be wearing on its own when I am lazying around the house. As it combats those oils and leave your skin looking oil-free and matte.


    Have you ever these products from L’Oreal? 


    Till my next post lovelies!

    Yas x

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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