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    laura mercier

    Powders is one of the most important steps for me in my make up routine. I love a powder that not only sets my make up in place but also prevents creasing. I have tried so many (mainly drugstore) brands and have not been able to give the finish I need.

    This brand is known for offering a ‘Flawless Face’ and wants women to achieve a natural complexion. This beautiful powder from Laura Mercier is not only meant to set your make up but give a stunning velvet finish. It is lightweight, sheer and silky and creates a ‘soft-focus’ appearance for fine lines. Its oil-free and helps prolong wear for a natural look.

    My thoughts?

    The powder is finely milled and love the quality of this. Only a small amount is needed and dusts across the face beautifully and works well with any foundation. I found it kept my oils at bay and sets my base perfectly.

    However, I found it did not do the same for my under-eye. I tend to bake my concealer under my eyes as they crease first during the day. Once I baked, I noticed it looked cakey almost instantly and I could feel the weight of it under my eye for the rest of the day which was uncomfortable. I felt it didn’t match the flawless look to the rest of my make up. I do have a number of fine lines under my eye so its important I have a powder that sets well.

    Its a shame it didn’t work for all my needs – but will continue to use this as my base powder as I adore the finish it gives – I am still on the hunt for a under eye powder, any recommendations let me know!


    What are your thoughts on this powder?


    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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    • Alice says:

      I’ve heard so many amazing things about this product, it’s interesting to hear an honest review that it’s cakey for you. I tend to stick to drugstore products nowadays because I can’t justify paying the money for high end when there’s great drugstore dupes. I use a Rimmel loose powder and it’s so good! x

      Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com

      • Yasmin says:

        ooo.. i have only ever tried Rimmel pressed powders – may have to give the loose one a try. But i agree the drugstore ones are often better – i use makeup revolution banana powder to set my under eyes and works a dream for £5! Xxx

    • Julia says:

      I really like setting powders, they can be such a lifesaver! I used to use them so often and then I ran out of mine and for some reason I really struggle to find a one that I’d want in any store. Thank you for your recommendation!

      Julia xx

    • I’ve heard so many amazing things about Laura Mercier powder! I find that whatever powder I use, I tend to get creases under my eyes, but my RCMA No Colour Powder is the one I swear by.. 🙊

    • Alice says:

      I’ve heard amazing things about this powder but it is a bit pricey, such a shame it didn’t do the job for your entire face though, you’d think it would! I need to pick up a smaller size of it to try it out!
      Alice Xx

    • Chessie says:

      I’ve never used setting powder before as I don’t wear make up very often but love the honest review!x

    • I’d love to give this a try as a base powder, I’ve not tried baking but its something I want to give a go. Great post hun!


    • Leslie says:

      I’ve always seen about this powder! It’s a shame it didn’t work for undereye though that’s what I need the most

    • Anu says:

      I adore this powder! I actually only use this under my eyes and it works wonderfully. I have noticed though that the concealer I’m using can’t be dry at all but rather more liquidy. I haven’t tried this all over my face as my face is quite dry and only a handful of powders work for me. I need to give it a go though since I love it for under the eyes :)x

      Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

    • Alicia says:

      I’m not the biggest fan on powders as I find they don’t really work for me but I must admit I’ve used my cousin’s Laura Mercier powder before and I loved how well it set my face! Great post Yasmin xx