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    We all want beautiful skin. So its important to know what our skin type is so we can be our own expert. So why do many of us get this wrong? Well honestly, our skin changes constantly so at times it can be difficult to really know the state of our skin. Do you know your skin type? Do you think you might be using the wrong products? Well guess what? I am going to be sharing some tips on how you can really know your skin type .. you will be surprised at how easy it is…

    So in case you didn’t know, there are five main different skin types that you may fall into

    • Normal
    • Dry
    • Combination
    • Oily
    • Sensitive

    However, some of us don’t fall into just one of these, some of us can have more than one skin type such as:

    • Normal to Dry
    • Oily/Combination
    • Dry/Sensitive

    So how can we find out do you ask? Follow these simple steps in finding out!


    1. Ensure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all traces of make up, oil or grease – you need a clean fresh face
    2. Pat dry and leave your face clear for up to 30 mins to an hour (its important to not put any products on your face – this allows your skin to go back to its natural state)
    3. Look in the mirror at your skin closely (it helps to have one of those close magnify mirrors!) Using a clean tissue or blotting paper, gently pat your face and from this you can determine what your skin type is

    Now I know what you are thinking “what am I looking for exactly?” Based on the five different skin types above, you will need to look out for the following:

    Normal Skin

    This skin type will not have any visible traces of oil or dryness. Not only does normal skin have good circulation but a well-balanced skin. You blotting paper should be clear and dry.


    Now dry skin is a lot more easier to determine, not just based on its appearance but also the feeling too. You may see dry patches appear on the skin and the skin tone may look paler too. With this skin type, it may feel tight and stiff which means you needs moisture and hydration.


    Combination means you have two types of skin in different areas. Your T-zone areas (nose, chin and forehead) tend to be oily and your cheeks normal. You would visibly see your t-zone having a slight shine compared to the rest of your skin.


    This skin type has more coarse pores and has more excess shine. This skin type is one of the easiest to detect and this may be due to its appearance as this type is more prone to spots and blemishes.


    Last but not least – sensitive skin. This type is the most fragile and needs the most care as this skin type may feel raw and delicate This may not be obvious straight away, as this can be based on products used, but you may find red patches or blotches which could of resulted from a product. This skin type will need products that are organic or fragrance free.

    I hope some of these pointers can help you find out your true skin type, I understand we can sometimes get it wrong! I will be sharing what are the best products to use for each skin type soon too, keep your eyes peeled.


    Till my next post




    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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