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    I absolutely love glowing skin, now I am approaching my 30s  (eek!) this has become something thats so important to me. I want my face to be on FLEEK! (did I just say ?!?!) with and without make up. Caring for your skin brings more life to your make up. Its all about the canvas and what we work with.. right? And even more so, us ladies need to be and feel just as confident bare faced as we do with make up. So in today’s post? I wanted to share with you some pointers on how you can get that natural glow to the skin.

    For me, there are 4 essentials things that can contribute to healthy, glowly skin.. lets get started..!

    Face Masks

    Ahhh face masks…. I wish I could apply one every day… there are so many to choose from and whats great, there is one to cater to all of your needs from purifying, detoxing and brightening – theres something for everyone. If you want a healthily glow to your face then a glow mask is perfect – I guess the name gives it away! Glow masks not only help to brighten your skin but brings a radiant glow too. I love glow masks, hydrates the skin to help reveal a plump glowing complexion.

    Here are my favourites..

    1. L’oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask – £7.99

    2. Pixi Mud Glow Mask – £18

    3. Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask – £15


    You could try a home remedy face mask, consisting of Honey, Virgin Olive Oil and Baking Soda. I know it may sound crazy, but its suppose to give some amazing results due to its natural properties, this is something I am to going to try, you can find more about the reciepe here I will do a follow up post about my results.. keep your eyes peeled.


    A Good Moisturiser

    Using the right moisturiser will make a difference in the appearance of your skin. Its important to ensure you are using the right one based on your skin type. If you are unsure what your skin type is I shared of how you can here . You need a moisturiser thats hydrating, moisturising and you want to make sure it does not leave your skin greasy. I love moisturisers that give that instant glow and radiance to the skin and absorbs well into the skin.

    My favourites?

    1. Body Shop Drops of Youth Cream – £20

    2. Olay 2in1 Hydration + Radiant Glow Moisturiser – Currently £4.95 (bargain!)

    3. Origins Energy-Boosting Moisturiser – £48


    This for me is the fundamental to making your skin appearance fresh, glowly and radiant. Why? Foundation sits well on clean, cleanse skin and the rest of your make that sits on top of your foundation such as bronze, blush and highlight will appear more natural and settle in your skin naturally. Again just like your moisturiser its important to find the right foundation for you. If you have dry skin you need to find a dewy, hydrating foundation that will not make your skin appear cakey. If your skin is oily, its ideal to find a foundation that is oil free so it can sit on your skin well without it looking it appearing greasy and blends well.

    My favourites?

    1. Estee Lauder Double-Wear Foundation (oil free) – £31

    2. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation – £25

    3. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – £7.99



    To complete that everyday glow, nothing beats a highlighter. I am obsessed with highlighters and never leave my day make up without it! Whether I am doing a natural look, a dramatic look, whatever it may be – I love the appearance of what a highlight can bring to the features of your face. I love highlighting my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and cupids bow. It gives this effortless, stunning radiant glow – whats not to love?

    My favourites?

    1. NYX Illuninator – £8.50

    2. Make Up Revolution Highlighter – £3 (Bargain!)

    3. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer – £17.49

    4. GOSH Lumi Drops – £7.99

    Here are some ideas that I hope can help you to achieve your perfect glow….I would love to hear your remedies and methods!

    Till my next post



    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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