17 February, 2016 • Posted in Style

    Would you believe me if I said this was the first time I have worn jeans in 5 years. (I know I’m still can’t believe it!)
    When I was younger all I wore was jeans it was the most comfiest thing to chuck on and it looked great with everything. But I went through a dark patch with my weight where food became a comfort to me. Which resulted in putting on weight. But what sucked I could not fit into jeans (crying moment lol!). I guess my shape changed – whatever it was I was lucky to get a pair of jeans up my legs let alone all the way up zip included.
    Jeggings became my best friend. In fact they have became such a staple in my wardrobe and I love how they fit and mould onto any shape. But I did miss wearing jeans – a lot! I must of tried 100s of jeans with no luck – I tried  every design/cut possible. Till one day I popped into H&M; and found these gorgeous ‘girlfriend fit’ jeans. I thought might as well try them they wouldn’t fit anyways. But when I tried them on in the changing room – I stood still with shock. They FIT!
    Not only did they fit they were comfy too! – I just could not believe it and it made my day well, actually my year. I’m starting off 2016 with a pair of jeans that fit! I know I must sound crazy! All the ladies out there – I know you understand how happy it makes us feel to find something that finally fits well.
    So thats my story in finally finding my perfect fit. I am looking forward to add more to my new jean family.
    Have you ever had trouble finding your perfect fit with anything? I would love to hear your stories below.
    Y. x

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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