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    Have you had trouble on how to deal with your oily skin? Not sure what you should or shouldn’t do? The good news!? There are many ways to manage oily skin and here are some tips I hope will help!


    Salicylic acid
    Products that contain salicylic acid will help remove the fats that can clog up of pores. This will reduce the appearance of blemishes. It also leaves a ‘zingy’ feeling to the skin. You can find products such as these within cleansers and facials gels.
    Use Oil-free foundations
    To avoid that horrid excess shine. And still creating that beautiful dewy base. Oil-free foundations will sit on the skin alot more comfortably and will last longer too. It will also prevent from clogging up your pores
    Use Powder Products
    Use where possible. Powder products sit well on oily skin. If you do use use cream coutours or blushes, make sure to use a good powder to set.
    Blotting Paper
    These are always handy to carry around with you. No matter what products you use it prevents that shine, it can still build up during the day. For me – its always on my t-zone area. By dabbing those areas with either a blotting paper or even a thin piece of tissue. Dab lightly on those shiny areas, it will remove the excess shine and create a matte-like appearance again.


    Using creamy or milk cleansers
    These type of based products can tend to make your skin feel even more oiler. These problems to the skin such as clogging pores, creating spots and blackheads. Unless its not specific for combination/oily skin. Then its a no no. Using products such as micellar water, cleansing water, these can still produce good results but is lighter on the skin
    Using cream-based moisturisers
    Gel-based rather than cream-based moisturisers are best to use for oily skin. Using cream-based creams can tend to leave the skin feeling rather greasy – of course depends on the what you use. I find gel-based will keep the skin feeling soft and supple. Without leaving that ‘oily residue’ feeling to the skin.
    Oily skin does not mean your skin is dirty. Its how we control and maintain these oils. You can still wash your skin as normal. Morning and night as needed. Still have a set routine that works for you and during the day just blot your skin if you have any excess shine.
    So these are a few of Dos and Donts for Oily skin that I try and stick to. If you have any others please share! Lets work together to keep those pesky oils at bay.
    Till my next post.

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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