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    I had the opportunity to attend a Lush Event hosted by Blogosphere Magazine . A magazine created by bloggers for bloggers and is packed with essential blogging advice and inspiration. If you have not picked up a copy – its a must!
    The event was held in their main branch in Oxford Street, truth to be told this was in fact my first time seeing this store – I was so overwhelmed by how huge the store was.


    There were three levels to explore and see and were separated by product type. Hosting new ranges of shampoos, styling creams, face masks and make up on the ground floor or head upstairs for an explosion of bath bombs (which are to die for!) bubbles and beautiful oils. And last but not least the basement level which invited you to ‘Calm Down’ towards their spa, perfume and massage section. They even have a music station amongst these rooms to allow you to block yourself from the world for a few moments.
    I was obsessed with the layout and how discreet it was. You would never have known there were treatments rooms and even a shower within their luxurious spa. It definitely seemed a place for pure relaxation and a chance for you to feel a little more zen.
    After the tour, we had the chance to have a sit down and sample some unique products from SPF moisturisers to various masks and natural toners. Then we got the exciting task of making our face mask. We made Catastrophe Cosmetic which consisted of blueberries, chamomile and almond oils this is a fresh face mask created to calm, soothe, moisturise and protect the skin.
    We all got to work on a big bowl and chucked all the ingredients one by one, we then had to mix and knead it all together, have to say it was different experience – especially squeezing those blueberries! It did up smelling of breakfast of yummy granola or oatmeal. It was divine. Definitely looking forward to trying it and seeing the results of my skin.

    I also couldn’t resist in picking up another fresh face mask and I bought Brazened Honey containing fresh fruits and blended with herbs and spices this will help to polish and moisturise the skin – its perfect for a skin wake me up!

     This is definitely an experience you all need to take part of – the lush staff are absolutely lovely and were so friendly, helpful and informative. I loved they could answer all my questions and were able to offer products that could help  my specific concerns.
    I also want to thank blogosphere for allowing me to attend too!
    What is your favourite LUSH Face Mask?
    Till my next post



    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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