Hi and welcome to the blog!

Here is the new re-brand focusing on #beautyafter30 it was time to finally evolve this space and share my new journey.

Being a newly '30' - I had faced a lot of challenges and struggles along the way (and they are still ongoing!) from body image, self-confidence and loving yourself to name a few. Turning 30 for some (or many) can be a scary one and I found we can start looking at life and ourselves a lot more differently then we would in our 20s. So I wanted to create a space for all females who are nervous in approaching this chapter and to make it an exciting one!

What to expect?

Still heavily focused on beauty here on the blog this will be a hub, sharing a collection of thoughts and things we may think of while approaching 30 (and over too). Expect personal stories, advice, general life updates, style and of course beauty reviews and skincare regimes.

The author

Hi, I'm Yasmin and based in London. I began my blogging journey back in 2013 and have become obsessed with blogging, beauty, life and style. In my day to day I work in eCommerce and when I am not slogging away in the office, I am here writing on my passions, loves, and thoughts I want to share.

Without out too much waffle, I hope you enjoy my blog and my little offerings in hopes it can help you in your journey of finding beauty (before) and after 30.


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