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    valentines day

    I love Valentines Day… Its funny how we used to dread and feel down on this day, especially if you’re single. Well fear not ladies..this is a day for self-loving! So being a fellow singleton myself, I wanted to share some ideas I’ll be doing to help you relax and feel pampered.


    Having a good face regime always makes me feel good. My favourite part is removing my make up from a long day. Its the best. So pull out your favourite cleansers and set your skin free. Before I commence my usual step by step routine, I love to whack on my favourite face mask – right now I am absolutely loving L’Oreal Glow Mask. Its so gentle to the skin and leaves a beautiful brightness to your skin. I then love to finish off with a facial oil and luxurious moisturiser to make your skin feel refreshed, clean and supple. My current loves are the Primer Overnight Oil by GOSH and the Triple Night Cream by L’Oreal – two inexpensive products that work a dream.


    Baths are the ultimate relaxation. I often take showers due to time, but when I do take a bath I love to enjoy them. I usually like to add a bath bomb or bath salts and have a good soak. But right now I love to add oils – my current favourite is Lavender – these are perfect for soothing and deep relaxation. Also as a added bonus, Lavender is known to help with anxiety and assist with sleep. Once I’m relaxed and my skin feels fully soaked – I love to coat my skin in baby oil, I find it really helps to lock in the moisture and keeps your skin feeling really soft. If I take a bath at night time – Baby oil is the only body moisture I need. Tip: Rub baby oil into your skin when its wet and pat your skin dry. 


    I love to care my hair and every week I indulge in a hair treatment, whether its a hair mask or a leave-in conditioner and really leave it do its magic. We often use heat appliances or products that can wear our hair down. So its important to nourish it as much as possible and if anything it does feel like your treating yourself too! My current favourite is Palmers Deep Conditioning Pack these sachets are perfect for weekly treatments. I like to use the entire sachet after my shampoo and conditioner and leave in for a couple of hours. Or if you like to create your own hair treatment, I love to add a few drops of Rosemary oil to my current conditioner and leave this in too. Rosemary is a perfect addition for healthier scalp and can also stimulate hair growth. Also as a added bonus it can help decrease stress levels too.


    I never feel complete without a fresh coat of nail polish. There is something about applying a new paint that makes you feel brand new. I love nails, nail art and trying new colours. I paint my nails once a week and love that it feels therapeutic too. My favourite brands I am currently loving right now are H&M beauty range, they have a vast range of colours and textures – I shared a previous post them here. Collection 2000 – I am loving their range of colours, they dry quickly, long-lasting and inexpensive too. And if you feel like adding a bit of glitter as treat then GOSH as the best polishes.

    Movies and a little Indulgence…

    And last but not least. Indulge in your favourite snack, relax and take out your favourite movies or box set. I love to explore Netflix and browse to see what takes my fancy. Or often or not I like to take out my ‘Friends’ or ‘Sex in the City’ box sets and immerse myself into my favourite episodes. This is all about spending with you, so you watch what you love and make sure its something that you enjoy too.

    So thats my top 5 ideas of how you can enjoy valentines day this year….or any day you want to take to time for yourself.


    How would you be spending your valentines? 

    Till my next post

    Yas x

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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