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    Confidence is one of the hardest things to gain if you’re not. I could easily share a post on ways on how to be confident. Or even a post on how to fake it till you make it. I am far from being a confident person but it’s definitely something I am working on and striving to be. So I wanted to share a post on how you can build your confidence and put this into practice.


    Join an exercise group class

    This has helped me loads. I would never join these as I would often worry about what others thought (not to mention being body conscious) but it has taught me that we are all there for one thing. To get fit and feel healthy. No one cares about your size, or how much you weigh and who cares if you can’t keep up or not doing a move right. The main thing here is your trying. Focus on that and you may surprise yourself and have fun.


    Try an acting class

    I joined a drama improvisation class. This class, in particular, was focused all around confidence. What was great about this class it was small, close-knit and everyone in the room was battling with lack of confidence. What was more interesting, the biggest reason why people were there was they cared what people thought including me. It was daunting and scary at first but was comforting to know I was not alone. But once we got stuck in and started acting out a number of scenarios and everyday situations it allowed us to implement these in our own lives. I truly recommend it.


    Reading Novels

    I could easily recommend self-help or mindfulness exercise based books but honestly none these truly helped me. There were great insights but once putting them into practice I found it difficult to constantly put this into my day-to-day life. So I started reading novels that I found relatable. These could be any stories of your liking but it must be novels not only you find interesting, but look for a character that you could connect with. I found reading books like this allowed you to see things from another perspective. For example, if you suffer from anxiety along with confidence I would strongly recommend ‘Finding Audrey’ by Sophie Kinsella. She is one of my favourite authors and a brilliant writer. She allows you to connect with the character ‘Audrey’ and see life from her eyes.


    Book a Photoshoot

    This is something that helped me a lot in terms of body confidence and overall self-worth. The photo you see above is a photoshoot I did back in 2009. It may look like I  was comfortable and had loads of confidence. I can tell you I was scared! I felt fat, I didn’t feel pretty and felt very self-conscious. But the photographer was lovely to work with and it helped he had a sense of humor which helped me to relax. He asked me to pose how I felt comfortable and to show different expressions which allowed me to connect with my emotions rather than focus on what I was doing. 30 minutes into the shoot I can definitely say I was getting in my stride. I felt a great deal of accomplishment and actually found it to be a lot of fun.

    If you are worried to do this alone, bring a friend along – I did for mine and it was a lot of fun, she even styled me too.


    So these are some of my tips on how you can build your self-confidence. The one thing I’ve learned is the true art of confidence is knowing you are not above or below anyone. Anyone can develop confidence it’s how you build it and use in your everyday life. Believe in you, believe in your self-worth and most of all love you are as a person – that is confidence.

    Till my next post..

    Yasmin x

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